Late Thursday night, the Senate rejected consideration of the FY2010 supplemental bill passed in the House and sent its original bill back to the House for approval.  The House bill had included not only the original Senate bill, which provided $33 billion for DoD war costs, foreign aid and some disaster relief, (for FEMA and Haiti), but additional domestic spending, some of which the Senate had rejected earlier (see Highlights, July 2, 2010).  The Senate's action probably ensures that the FY2010 war supplemental funds will get to the Pentagon within a week or two,  Secretary Gates and the Military Services had warned that DoD might have trouble meeting payrolls and would have to take some strong actions if the supplemental funds did not arrive by August (see Highlights, July 16, 2010).  The House is scheduled to go on recess at the end of July and the Senate in early August.