The Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC) is a five-day, 40-hour, intensive financial
management review course offered at a variety of locations worldwide throughout the year. There are no prerequisites established by ASMC for this course, only selection by the Department of Defense to attend (for those taking a centrally-funded course).

The course is delivered in a classroom setting with two instructors and up to 32 students, and all course materials are provided. While presented in an “overview” format, the material covered in the course varies in intensity from the intermediate level to the advanced level. The course is presented in 3 sections that correspond to the CDFM exam modules and knowledge areas:

Module 1 – Resource Management Environment

Module 2 – Budget & Cost Analysis

Module 3 – Accounting & Finance

The EDFMTC is aligned with the DoDFM Certification Program. Attendees who complete the course which uses the 2018 edition of the EDFMTC textbook are awarded 40 CPEs/CETs and earn 2 credits for Proficiency Level 5, 34 credits for Proficiency Level 2, and 4 credits for Proficiency Level 1 to apply toward DoD FM Certification Program initial certification. The training is recommended for and benefits DoD financial managers in a variety of ways

  • The departmental leadership is interested in improving the overall technical and managerial capabilities of the financial management work force.
  • The program is designed to broaden the perspective of financial managers by introducing them to areas of expertise outside their daily responsibilities.
  • The course assists in preparation for the rigorous Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) examinations. However,
    the course is only partial preparation and should be supplemented with a considerable amount of additional study.

The EDFMTC has been established as college-level instruction by the American Council on Education (ACE) and has a 3 credit hour recommendation at the lower-level baccalaureate degree category for students who earn a C or higher in the course. For upper-level baccalaureate credit, a written paper must be submitted in addition to completing the course with a B or higher for consideration of 3 credit hours. View more information on how to get college credit here.

Download the EDFMTC brochure here