The Three-Day Purpose / Time / Amount Fiscal Law are currently being held in a Virtual setting only. These are LIVE, Instructor-Led Training hosted via the Zoom platform.

  • Live, Instructor-Led, Three-day training
  • 24 hours of Continuing Professional Education units (webcam required to receive CPE credits)
  • All course materials will be provided digitally following registration
    • A summary of changes to FMR Vol 5 Ch 33 (1 Day Course)
    • A copy of the GAO Annual Update to the Red Book for use as a course workbook
    • Copies of applicable case studies
    • A copy of the PowerPoint slides for note taking and reference purposes.

Day 1 – Certifying Officials Overview

This course covers:

  • Learn the role and responsibilities of a “pecuniary” certifying officer
  • Understand the potential consequences of certifications that lead to improper or erroneous payments
  • Understand the roles of DoD Certifying Officers, Departmental Accountable Officials, and Review Officials as covered in FMR Vol 5 Chapter 33
  • Gain the required Certifying Officer Legislation training required under FMR Vol 5 Chap 33.
  • and more…

Day 2 – Purpose Overview

Comprehensive Review of Chapter 4, Volume I, GAO Redbook “Availability of Appropriations: Purpose.” This course covers:

  • The most common occurrences of ADA Violations
  • The use of funds for:
    • meetings and conventions
    • travel and per diem for non-governmental personnel
    • food for government employees
    • gifts and awards
    • office furnishings
    • state and local taxes
    • and more…

Day 3 – Purpose, Time, and Amount Overview

The Three Pillars of Federal Appropriations Law Comprehensive review of Chapters 4, 5 and 6 of the GAO Redbook. This course covers:

  • The application of the bona fide needs rule
  • The Anti-Deficiency Act
  • The use of funds
  • and more…

Instructor Biography:

Richard J. Arns, President, Archway Training Associates, Inc.

Richard Arns has taught numerous courses in the areas of Federal Appropriations Law, Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management.

Mr. Arns entered military service in 1967 and upon separation from the Air Force in 1971 began his federal government career. He served in numerous financial management positions in Air Force, Navy and Army commands throughout his 26-year career, retiring in 1993.

Mr. Arns was instrumental in the latest update of the CDFM exam question data base, principally Module 3 and Fiscal Law, and was the primary developer for the Fiscal Law competency taught in the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training course. He was prominent in the roll out of the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training course and has instructed this program over 300 times since its inception, training more than 6,000 enrollees. He has been designated by ASMC as a subject matter expert in Fiscal Law for the past two reviews / updates of the CDFM exam.

Mr. Arns is the president of Archway Training Associates, the sole license holder for the delivery of the Mod 4 Acquisition Business Management training course, as well as an ASMC license holder for the delivery of the EDFMT class. He is also the sole license holder for the delivery of several fiscal law courses sponsored by ASMC.

Mr. Arns completed his undergraduate accounting work in 1971 at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, and received a master’s in business administration from the University of Northern Colorado in 1976. Mr. Arns has received a myriad of military and federal service awards and military decorations. He is a Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM), a CDFM-A, and a Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM).