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Virtual PDI 2017

Every year, ASMC offers online access to workshops and mini-courses recorded at the annual National Professional Development Institute (PDI). Virtual PDI is available for free to attendees of the live PDI event! Did you miss the Professional Development Institute (PDI) in Orlando, or do you need to earn additional CPEs? As always, Virtual PDI combines audio and slides from live sessions, allowing individual members and non-members alike to earn over 100 CPEs online.

Access to Virtual PDI is included (at no additional cost) in the PDI 2017 registration fee for all participants. For non-PDI attendees, registration for Virtual PDI is just $99 (approximately $1 per available CPE/CET.) Chapter Access is also available for $249, and discounts are available for groups of over 50 individuals!

Interested in registering for Virtual PDI 2017?

To register, select the category below which best describes you in regards to your interest in VPDI.

  Live PDI Attendee 
  ASMC Member

If you ARE an ASMC member, AND you attended PDI 2017 in San Diego, click here!

  ASMC Member

If you ARE an ASMC member, but you did NOT attend PDI 2017 in San Diego, click here!

  Chapter Access 
  (Hosted by Chapter)

If you represent an ASMC Chapter interested in offering Virtual PDI sessions at events for members to collectively earn CPEs, click here!

  Live PDI Attendee 

If you are NOT an ASMC member, but you DID attend PDI 2017 in San Diego, click here!


If you are NOT an ASMC member, and you did NOT attend PDI 2017 in San Diego, click here!

  Group Purchase 
  (Multiple Individuals)

If you want to purchase individual login access for a group of individuals to access VPDI on their own, click here!


PLEASE REMEMBER:  All Virtual PDI users, attendees and non-attendees, must first register at one of the links above to gain access.

And please allow up to 24 business hours for your purchase to be activated. 

Already purchased?  Log in and view Virtual PDI 2017: https://www.pathlms.com/asmc/courses

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  • Note:
    • While the inclusion of Mini-course instruction in the Virtual PDI program will provide continuing professional education (CPE) or continuing education and training (CET) credits, it does not provide direct credit toward meeting DoD Financial Management Certification Program requirements, as did the on-site instruction for participants who participated fully and also completed and submitted course evaluation forms at the end of the Mini-course.
    • Virtual PDI CPEs represent “non-NASBA” CPEs. While actual on-site participation in a an ASMC PDI Mini-course or workshop qualifies for NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) CPEs, CPEs obtained for participation in Virtual PDI are non-NASBA CPEs.