ASMC offers a collection of resources aimed at promoting the comptrollership profession. The Armed Forces Comptroller, the leading industry journal, is published quarterly and is included with your membership to the ASMC. It is one of the Society's means of sharing professional information. Articles are received from a variety of sources, such as academia, the government, and our members. 

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Corporate Advisory Group White Paper

Read the "Collective Insights & Recommendations for DoD’s Valuation of  General Property Plant & Equipment— General Equipment, including Military Equipment" (May 2015) written by the ASMC Corporate Advisory Group PP&E Focus Group.

The ASMC Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) represents a diverse group of ASMC corporate members with long-term commitments to the DoD resource and financial management community. This group’s intent is to interact with DoD officials to collectively solve critical problems. Being a Corporate member offers the opportunity for increased national visibility as well as sponsoring valuable research and facilitating a neutral platform for dialogue, collaboration, and critical problem-solving.

The CAG supports the ASMC Executive Director, as well as the ASMC National Executive Committee (NEC) with thought-leadership, requested information, recommendations, and feedback regarding ASMC’s activities. The NEC may also seek CAG assistance where expertise from the private sector professional community perspective is valuable. This inaugural CAG Focus Paper has been developed by the CAG and shared with the Department of Defense.