About ASMC

ASMC has created a PowerPoint presentation to empower chapters and members to be able to share ASMC’s mission, services, and membership benefits.

ASMC makes a Chapter Resource Toolkit available for chapters and members to print on 8-1/2″ x 11″ white paper or share files digitally.

ASMC’s approved color palette is consistent with its flagship publication, the Armed Forces Comptroller Journal; therefore, no other colors may be used to represent ASMC. The primary color is ASMC Red | HEX #80293d.


ASMC uses Monteserrat as its primary font.


The ASMC brand seal is available to individual/corporate members and ASMC chapters for use in their marketing materials.

The CDFM logo is available to individuals who have obtained their CDFM designation or to educational institutions providing ASMC-authorized training. To achieve maximum recognition and consistent appearance of the ASMC and CDFM logo, it is important to use it in the predetermined size and space relationship. Please do not alter the proportion or appearance of logos.


When using the CDFM logo, you agree to the following:

  • The logo may not be incorporated into any other logo or design
  • No other logo or design element should appear within 0.25 inches of the logo
  • If your CDFM designation expires, you must immediately remove the CDFM logo from email signature, documents, equipment and websites




ASMC uses photos from the Department of Defense Photo Bank with no preferential treatment given to any branch of the DoD, so as long as all branches of the military are represented. ASMC maintains a Flickr account of photos from past events which may be used in ASMC promotions and advertisements.

For questions about how to use any of the Branding and Marketing Resources, please contact us at marketing@asmconline.org.