October 15, 2012

Appreciation from Al Runnels

Having taken over the helm of ASMC on 1 October, I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Al Tucker, the ASMC National Staff, and the ASMC National Executive Committee for providing me a smooth transition into the position of Executive Director. On behalf of the entire ASMC family, I want to thank Al Tucker for the outstanding job he did in leading the Society over the past three years. I also greatly appreciate the notes of congratulations and encouragement that some of you either emailed me or posted on our Web site.

During my first week on duty as your Executive Director, the staff and I spent a day and a half on strategic planning, with a focus toward developing the goals, objectives, and initiatives, necessary to ensure ASMC continues to perform at a high level in supporting the professionalism and effectiveness of Department of Defense and United States Coast Guard financial management. Much of the discussion was focused upon what we at the National Staff level can do to better support ASMC Chapters and Members. As I mentioned to our National Executive Committee during its September session, I believe the greatest strength of ASMC is the spirit of volunteerism among our members in conducting and supporting Chapter and National level activities. ASMC Chapter and National level programs and activities; such as professional development, education, and training; CDFM and CDFM-A certification; awards and recognition; and the Armed Forces Comptroller Journal provide outstanding benefits to DoD and the USCG. Thank you so much for your support of all of these activities. I especially want to emphasize the important relationship of ASMC’s CDFM certification program to the DoD Financial Management Certification Program, which for Level 1, recommends completion of one of the “20 DoD-approved Test-based Certification Programs.” Of course, the CDFM is included as one of the 20 DoD-approved certifications. DoD “strongly” recommends completion of one of the approved certifications for Level 3.

To the military and civilian members of ASMC, who serve within the Department of Defense and the United States Coast Guard, thank you for your service. I look forward to another great ASMC year and I feel especially honored to work with you in continuing to support the professionalism and effectiveness of DoD and US Coast Guard financial management.


Al Runnels, CDFM, CGFM

Executive Director

American Society of Military Comptrollers