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See anyone you know?

Help us to make this new website your website.  We’ve updated our look, so let’s also update this site with the faces of the people who make ASMC what it is today!

If you are an ASMC member, please send us a photo of yourself- facial images only.  Using the images you send us, we will create a new storyboard for ASMC- an updated poster showing who we are.


  • Send in a digital photo of yourself, preferably png or jpg file type.
  • Make sure that all of your face is showing, and that the contrast of the photo is well-balanced so we can still identify each person when the size is reduced and color-posterized.
  • Also, please check that your face is not so close to another face that it can’t be cropped.
  • Be aware that once you send us a photo, we will be publishing this on our public website.  By sending us your photo, you give us permission to use it for this and any possible future association projects.  Also, once accepted, we cannot replace one photo of you with another.
  • You can also send in a photo of another ASMC member- any member type- who you feel exemplifies ASMC’s mission.  If you do so, please bear in mind that we will need to communicate with them for their permission to post the photo.

Current ASMC HQ staff have never attempted to collect member photos in this way, so we’re not sure how many photos you’ll send us!  For this reason, we will select photos in the order they arrive to our office, from those that best meet the above criteria.

Below is the original cover image….

…from the 2006 Summer issue of the Armed Forces Comptroller journal.  Click for a full-resolution version.

The original caption read “These ASMC members, along with thousands more, play a critical role in managing the nation’s defense resources.”