Wednesday, June 2

0800-0915 Opening Ceremonies
0915-0930  Break
0930-1130   Defense-Wide General Session

  • Welcome Remarks, Monique Dilworth, Associate Director, Defense-Wide Programs
  • U.S. Africa Command Perspectives/Challenges, Jeanne Karstens, Deputy Director, Resources, US Africa Command
  • Remarks, The Honorable Robert F. Hale, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
  • CMO Role in Audit Readiness, Elizabeth A. McGrath, Assistant Deputy Chief Management Officer
  • Comptroller Career Development, William Campbell,
  • Director for Operations, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller)
1130-1145 Break
1145-1330  Luncheon Session
1330-1345 Break
1345-1450 Defense-Wide General Session

  • Defense Agency Trivia Challenge
  • Communicating with Congress, Blaine Aaron, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Budget & Appropriations Affairs)
1450-1550 Defense-Wide Roundtables

A series of discussion groups, led by subject matter experts (SME).  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss current topics in Financial Management with the SME leader.  Topics cover a wide range of subjects, current events, and trends in Defense Financial Management.  Each Roundtable discussion is offered three times and participants will self-select which to attend. 

Round Table Discussions

We have a great group of experts from across the Department, ready to talk! Forty of the most knowledgeable people in the Department of Defense will lead you through a discussion of some of the hottest, most timely issues.  They will talk with you, answer your questions, and, just maybe, solve the mysteries you have wondered about, but didn’t know who to ask.  (Did we mention Official Representation Funds (ORF)?) Some of our topics are similar to the full-blown workshops offered during the PDI – But in the Round Table Discussions, you will talk directly to the expert in a small group of 10.  These are not repeats of the seminars. We offer each topic three times and you select which Round Table to attend. No sign-up is necessary.  Just come to the discussion that you like!


  Topic Discussion Leader
1 Communicating with Congress Blaine Aaron
2 Defense Agencies Initiative – User Perspective Joe Mendez/Diane Morrison, BTA
3 Enterprise Funds Distribution Stefanie Pryor, BTA
4 Warfighter Support Andy Haeuptle, BTA
5 Formulating the Do It Campaign Peggy Johnson, OUSD(C)
6 Intragovernmental Transfers (IGT) Rodney Gregory, OUSD(C)
7 FMR Update and Accounting Initiatives Claire Nelson, OUSD(C)
8 Open Government Joe Doyle, OUSD(C)
9 FIAR Joe Quinn, OUSD(C)
10 DCMA's Overseas Contract Management Mission CAPT David Graff, DCMA
11 Funds Balance with Treasury (TI 97) FBWT Audit Readiness  Bill Bergmeyer, DFAS
12 Defense Travel System Sharon Roberts, DHRA/DTM0
13 DHRA/CAC Issues Heidi Boyd, DHRA/DMDC
14 Social Networking Sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Clarence Hoop, OUSD(C)
15 Defense Resource Management Institute Kent Wall, DRMI
16 ARRA Sandra Richardson, 
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense,
(Resource Issues)
17 Update on FM Workforce Sandra Gregory, 
Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of
Defense (Comptroller)
18 FM Competencies Deb Brand, OUSD(C)
19 CFO Academy Ricardo Aguilera/Gary Maupin, NDU/CFO Academy
20 Standing up a Master's Degree Program at Joint Forces Staff College Keith Anderson, NDU
21 What the Public Needs to Know about Your IT Budget Bonnie Hammersley, 
22 Application of Inflation Assumptions in DoD Jim Wroten, OUSD(C)
23 Congress Proof Your Budget! Trina Parker, OUSD(C)
24 Reprogramming Rules Update Chris Harden, OUSD(C)   
25 Connecting the Dots in Developing the President’s Budget Kim Laurence, OUSD(C)
26 Resourcing the Rescue in Haiti  Todd Schafer, 
Director, Resources and Assessments,
US Southern  Command
27 Task Force for Business & Stability Operations Kris Haag, 
Deputy Director, 
Task Force for Business & Stability Operations
28 Program Management at a Unified Command  Ms. Lynda Rutledge, 
Deputy Director for Matrix Support and Enterprise
Contracting, US SOUTHCOM
29 Official Representation Funds Aaron Harding/Hilbert Rodriguez, WHS
30 Lessons Learned in Pursuing Financial Tools Robert Munn, WHS
31 Career Development Bill Campbell
32 Department of Defense Dependents Education – Present and Future Hans Filip, DoDDE
33 Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW) Marilee Fitzgerald, 
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
for Civilian Personnel Policy (Acting)/
Seth Shulman OUSD (P&R)
34 Working Capital Fund Issues John Raisigel/Tom Meredith, OUSD(C)
35 Apportionments and the apportionment process Kathy Sherrill, OUSD(C)
36 Combatant Commanders’ Initiative Fund  Roy Hoffman, The Joint Staff
37 Executive Dashboard – An Analyst’s Perspective Mary Ann McAfee, OUSD(C)
38 AFRICOM Perspective Jeanne Karstens, AFRICOM
39 Acquisition Cross-Servicing: Working with Partner Nations Sybille Quigtar, AFRICOM
40 Data Integration for Resource Managers Reyes Typaldos, AFRICOM