As per Secretary Napolitano's direction, the Coast Guard day training at the PDI will focus on the 2011 audit and the effort that it will take to achieving a “Qualified Opinion” on the DHS Balance Sheet. The training will detail communication strategies and workflows that every CG unit and staff must prepare for and respond to auditor requests.  The training will detail responsibilities for making certain that proper financial documentation for current and prior year transactions is in place and correct, and for providing documentation to our external auditors on short notice in response to requests they will be generated in the audit cycle.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 –  Service Day

0700-0800           Continental Breakfast
0800-0915            Opening Ceremony – The Honorable Robert F. Hale
                                Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer
0915-0930            Break

 Remainder of Day is Devoted to Service-Specific Workshops and Presentations

0930-0945            USCG Welcome—RDML Keith A. Taylor
                                 Assistance Commandant for Resources and Chief Financial Officer

0945-1030            VADM Sally Brice-O’Hara
                                Vice Commandant 

1030-1115            Ms. Peggy Sherry
                                Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Department of Homeland Security

1115-1130            CFO Award presentations – RDML Keith A. Taylor, Chief Financial Officer
                                Mr. Martin Rajk, Deputy Chief Financial Officer

1130-1145            Break

1145-1330            Luncheon—Author Curtis Zimmerman, “Living Life at Performance Level® Interactive”

1330-1345            Break

1345-1445            State of Coast Guard Financial Management–RDML Keith A. Taylor

1445-1530            Audit Readiness—Ms. Margo Sheridan
                                Director of Financial Operations and Comptroller

1530-1545            Break

1545-1630            Workshop: Financial Management Workforce Development 
                                Facilitators:  Martin Rajk, Deputy Chief Financial Officer
                                Stacy Spadafora, CG-8R

Thursday, 2 June 2011

0700-0800            Coast Guard Workshop – Selected Topics on Audit Readiness
                                CDR Jim Passarelli

Friday, 3 June 2011

0700-0800            Met the New USCG CFO – RDML Stephen Metruck

                                Logistics Support – Serena Sanchez or Frank Estevez

                                Introduction of Guest Speakers–TBD