Wednesday Morning Session  

The Honorable Robert F. Hale
Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer

As Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), Robert F. Hale is the principal advisor to Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates on all budgetary and fiscal matters, including the development and execution of the Defense Department’s annual budget of more than $600 billion.

The Honorable Robert F. Hale


Wednesday Luncheon Session  

Clifton Taulbert
Eight Habits of the Heart

Clifton Taulbert's ability to connect with diverse individuals across a broad professional spectrum has introduced him to audiences from members of the United States Supreme Court; as a personal guest of Sandra Day O'Connor, to CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, professional organizations and the Federal Senior Executive Series Forum. According to Mr. Taulbert, “Technology notwithstanding, the Human Capital remains our greatest asset.” His internationally embraced book, the Eight Habits of the Heart, outlines the “Building Community” principles he believes to be crucial to ensuring a workplace where productivity is valued and mutual respect is a way of life. He introduced his most recent book, Eight Habits of the Heart for Educators at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. The book became a national best seller within six months of publication and serves as a resource text when consulting with K-12 educators. 

Clifton Taulbert

Thursday Morning Session  

 Jim “The Rookie” Morris
Subject of the Hit Movie, The Rookie

Jim "The Rookie" Morris' inspirational and motivational message about following through on your dreams and promises to others connects with all audiences, young and old, male and female. His life story is also the inspiration behind the Walt Disney blockbuster film, The Rookie, starring Dennis Quaid. This family film won the ESPY for best sports film of the year and was recently recognized by Sports Illustrated as one of the 50 best sports films of all-time.

Morris is much more than just a sports personality. Imagine having Tom Hanks or Jimmy Stewart over for a cup of coffee and that's what it's like to bring Morris to your corporate meeting, church, school, or fundraiser. A school teacher by trade, Morris is a polished speaker but never slick. Audiences connect with him because he's one of them. In a world lacking in real-life heroes, Morris's message about following your dreams and keeping your promises resonates with audiences.

Morris's childhood dream of becoming a major league baseball player was derailed by injuries and, admittedly, a lack of maturity. Eleven years after his retirement from baseball, Morris's dream was re-ignited by his then rag-tag high school team, when he was trying to inspire them to follow their dreams. They made each other the following bet: If they won a District Championship, Morris would have to try out for a major league team. In case you didn't see the movie, Morris's team won the District Championship and Morris followed through on his promise, going to a tryout where he threw 12 consecutive pitches at 98 mph! Three months later in front of family and his high school team, Morris achieved his dream of pitching in the big leagues by striking out all-star Royce Clayton with a 98 mph fastball!

Morris can tailor his universal message about following your dreams and keeping your promises to your audience, whether it be corporate, school kids, or a church. Morris is a loveable and humorous storyteller who will inspire and motivate your audience to never give up on their dreams.

Jim The Rookie Morris
Thursday Luncheon Session  

Curtis Zimmerman
Living Life at Performance Level® Interactive

Both as a speaker and author, Curtis Zimmerman has impacted over one million people throughout the nation with his life-changing messages and award winning programs. Audiences connect with Curtis through his interactive style and approachable manner. He incorporates the skills he gained from over twenty-five years in the entertainment industry into powerful programs, cleverly balancing the connection between education and entertainment. Curtis transforms organizations by inspiring individuals to live their life at a higher level of performance. His deeply profound insight and perspective coupled with high energy presentations have made him a highly sought after speaker. Curtis is the author of I Believe…What do you Believe?, Keys to Success in College and Life, and a contributing author to Pillars of Success and Lessons from the Road. He was honored to share his message with more than 14,000 Airmen for the United States Air Force and received the prestigious National Leadership Award for outstanding service from United States Congressman Tom Reynolds and is a member of the National Speakers Association.

Curtis Zimmerman
Friday Morning Session  

Dr. Kimberly Alyn
How to Deal With Annoying People

Dr. Kimberly Alyn is a best-selling author and an international professional speaker. She is the author of 11 books including How to Inspire People to Achieve More, How to Deal With Annoying People (with Bob Phillips, Ph.D.), Discover your Inner Strength (with contributors Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Brian Tracy), and Men are Slobs, Women are Neat… and other Gender Lies that Damage Relationships (with Bob Phillips, Ph.D.). She has also developed and produced numerous CD/DVD productions on a variety of topics. 

Dr. Alyn has been a contributing author to a variety of magazines and has been quoted in prominent books and publications like Cosmopolitan. An advocate of life long learning, Dr. Alyn has her bachelor’s degree in business management, her master’s degree in organizational management, and her doctorate degree in organizational management with a specialty in leadership. Dr. Alyn has over 20 years of experience with speaking, training, educating, and entertaining audiences.

Kimberly Alyn