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Audit – Quo Vadis?

The Department of Defense Financial Audit Journey
Why does it matter?  Where are we? What have we learned?
By John Knubel

The progress of the Department of Defense (DoD) toward financial audit readiness has been steady—but slow. Some reporting entities (for example, the Military Retirement Trust Fund and a few agencies) sustain unqualified audit opinions. The largest reporting entity receiving a clean opinion—the US Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works—just sustained a second consecutive unqualified audit opinion on its fiscal year (FY) 2009 financial statements.


DoD's Financial Audit Strategy: The Way Ahead
Mark E. Easton, CDFM

In the preceding article, John Knubel laid out a clear description of where we have been on our journey toward financial audit readiness. For those of us who have been active players, interested observers, cheerleaders, and so forth, we applaud the meaningful progress and dedicated efforts by so many talented professionals. But at the same time, we must also acknowledge that we have not made the kind of progress that might have been expected, given the significant capabilities and expertise that exist within the Department of Defense (DoD).


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