Budgetary to Proprietary- Project Director


Company Information:

Lynch Consultants, LLC, was founded in 2011 to become the premier consulting firm of choice for our Federal Government and commercial customers, as well as the premier employer and corporate partner of choice for our employees and business partners. Our tagline, Expertise. Reliability. Results. is not just words, rather it captures the identity of the Company, our staff, and our daily decisions. We work very hard to provide every client with unparalleled industry and business Expertise; a responsiveness and Reliability that gives our clients and partners confidence and value from our work; and a central focus and emphasis on interim and long-term performance Results, spanning the engagement kick-off through to the final exit briefing. Along with our leadership vision and employee commitment toward excellence and continuous improvement, these three words – Expertise. Reliability. Results. serve as the cornerstones to the Lynch Consultants business framework and foundation.

Company Email: info@lynchconsultants.com

Company Web: http://lynchconsultants.com

Job Information: Seeking candidates with experience in government auditing

Job Type: Full Time

Job Category: Finance/Accounting

Job Title: Budgetary to Proprietary- Project Director

Job Description: Candidates must have three years of experience and will be focused specifically on Budgetary to Proprietary (B2P) Reconciliations. Knowledge and understanding of USSGL is very important. Use of data analysis tools and MS Excel is very important as well. Financial Reconciliation experience a plus.

Bachelor's Degree and a USG Security Clearance required.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Alexandria, VA
Job State: VA
Job Country: US

Apply Link: http://www.indeed.com/cmp/Lynch-Consultants/jobs/Budgetary-Proprietary-74eaf1680a6520e4?q=lynch+consultants