ASMC’s 75th Anniversary Commission is celebrating the founding anniversary of the Society in San Antonio, Texas in 1948. Our 75th Jubilee Theme – Leaning Forward While Looking Back to Enhance Value– captures the essence of a tight community of proficient professionals devoted to executing the military mission with utmost excellence.

The ASMC challenge – and opportunity – for 2023: galvanize our community, enhance value, and grow membership.  To deliver this outcome, the 75th Jubilee strategy is chapter-centric given they are the lifeblood embodying the great legacy of ASMC values of competence, leadership, and grit!

Jubilee Awards

75th Anniversary Member Awards

Congratulations to the following members, being recognized for their achievements in support of ASMC and the defense financial management community.

  • COL Samuel Glover, USA, Redstone Huntsville Chapter
  • Ms. Dawn Holding, CDFM-A, Aviation Chapter
  • Mr. Brad Thompson, Utah Chapter
  • Ms. Sarah Flaherty, CDFM-A, Yankee Chapter
  • Ms. Irma Finicchiaro, CDFM, Syracuse Chapter
  • BG Roger Scearce, USA (Retired), Washington Chapter
  • Ms. Terry Placek, Washington Chapter

75th Anniversary Essay Contest

In celebration and to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the society, a special jubilee edition essay contest was held, and winners were announced at the National PDI. Members were invited to write a short essay (500-1000 words) on one of the following topic prompts:

  • How has being an ASMC member benefitted you, either personally, or in your career?
  • What are some of the most significant changes that ASMC has made since you’ve been a member? Which one added the most value to ASMC members?
  • How does ASMC specifically benefit Early Careerists? Feel free to include real-life examples.
  • 2023 is ASMC’s 75th anniversary. What changes in the organization would you like to see over the next several years? How would such changes benefit ASMC and its members?

Congratulations to our winning authors:

  • Ms. Louise Stahl, Jersey Devil Chapter – Distinguished Award
  • Dr. Jennifer Miller, CDFM-A, Washington Chapter – Meritorious Award