ASMC offers webinars in defense financial management, leadership and teamwork, and personal development.

Webinars are 1-hour sessions and are often open to both members and non-members. Some webinars are open exclusively to members only. 

Upcoming webinars include:

December 19: ASMC Roundtable – The Latest on PPBE Reform

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Webinar Policies

There is a no-refund, no-credit policy in effect for webinars. Attendee substitutions may be requested up to two working days before the webinar begins. Attendee substitution requests must be sent to with ‘Attendee Substitution Request’ in the subject line. All registration information is required for the attendee substitute at the time of the request including name, address, telephone number, member number (if applicable), agency or company, and email address. Only members can be substituted for member registrants. No refunds will be given for members who substitute for non-member registrants. For group registrations, substitute attendees must be from the same command/organization that funded the initial registrant’s training. There is no charge for attendee substitutions.

How to register as an individual: Individual registrants must register through the ASMC website. We cannot accept telephone, email or mail registrations.

How to register a group: Group registrations for a group of people using one payment card are accepted up to two business days before the webinar begins. All information needs to be submitted by that time, including all attendee information and payment card holder information. Please fill out the Group Registration Form and return it to with a copy to In the subject line, please indicate that it is a group registration. It is also suggested that you call the Education Department at 703-549-0360 and let us know you will be sending in a group registration and the number of people being registered.

All registrants will receive three emails before the start of the webinar: 1) Registration and Payment Confirmation at the time of registration; 2) A follow-up email providing webinar specific information including tips on how to use the webinar platform and a link for testing your device. We encourage all attendees to test their devices before the webinar; and 3) a final email the morning of the webinar with the webinar link and any additional information needed for the webinar. (Note: Some, although not all, webinars will make the webinar slides available before the webinar. If they are provided, they will be delivered in the third email.)

After the webinar, attendees will be asked to fill out a post-webinar survey. Each attendee must certify that they have attended the entire webinar. If applicable, attendees will be given a link to submit their information for their CPE certificate.

ASMC uses  Zoom for webinars. Attendees must have access to a device that is compatible with Zoom. ASMC is not able to troubleshoot any issues you may have with Zoom, however, an information guide on how to use Zoom is available on their website.

CPE credits will be given for most webinars to paid attendees. Please see each webinar description to determine how many CPEs will be given. In order to receive your CPE credits, attendees must attend the entire webinar. At the end of the webinar, attendees will be given a link to an optional survey and a link to submit their certificate information. Attendees will also be asked to certify that they have attended the entire webinar. Certificates will be emailed out 5-7 business days after the webinar. If an attendee cannot open the survey or CPE link, this may be a firewall issue. We recommend using a non-government device. No partial credits will be given.

ASMC reserves the right to change these policies and guidelines at any time.