Since its launch in 2000, the premier test-based certification in defense financial management—the CDFM—has been awarded to more than 14,000 professionals by demonstrating their broad knowledge of the field’s critical competencies. The Certified Defense Financial Manager credential is the sign of distinction that sets you apart from your peers.

The CDFM is a professional, assessment-based certification originally developed by ASMC in partnership with the Department of Defense with the support of the Chauncey Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Educational Testing Service. The CDFM Program is governed by the ASMC Certification Commission, and the ASMC Certification Department runs the day-to-day operations.

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The CDFM is a certification for professionals in the field of financial management who are civilian or military members of the Department of Defense, U.S. Coast Guard, or employees of defense contractors and suppliers. Earning and maintaining the CDFM credential requires meeting eligibility and experience criteria, passing three multiple-choice exams, and recertifying every two years.

The certification exams cover three primary areas as defined by the CDFM Competency Model: Resource Management Environment, Budget and Cost Analysis, and Accounting and Finance. Individuals who meet all of the requirements earn the right to display the CDFM designation after their names. Individuals who meet all the requirements for the CDFM and also pass an exam which tests defense acquisition competencies earn the CDFM-A: the CDFM with Acquisition Specialty.

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Every credible program of professional certification has a mechanism to ensure that certified members remain current. The CDFM Program requires its certificants to recertify every two years by earning Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and paying a recertification fee.

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A digital badge is a digital representation of an accomplishment. It enjoys all the benefits of being digital, such as being sharable, verifiable, trackable, and having embedded metadata. Click the link to learn more about how digital badges work.

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ASMC is proud to be a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence in show of our support of the credentialing community and our commitment to strive for excellence in our CDFM certification program.

The American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) offers the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) educational program and certification designation to those persons desiring to demonstrate proficiency in the core aspects of defense financial management.

The DoD Authorization Act FY2012 signed by President Obama empowers the Secretary of Defense to “… prescribe professional certification and credential standards” for the defense financial management community. The CDFM is one of the DoD-approved Test-Based Certifications recommended for Certification Levels 2 and 3 of the DoD FM Certification Program.

Benefits to being CDFM certified:

  1. The demands of the times require broad knowledge and analytical skills across a range
    of disciplines. The CDFM certification is fundamental to establishing a broad set of
    financial management skills.
  2. Thirteen percent of DoD FMers hold the CDFM, so it represents a valuable credential
    that impresses selecting officials with the individual¹s drive and initiative. It also enables
    leaders within the DoD to be confident in hiring CDFMs or CDFM-As from anywhere else
    in the DoD knowing that they possess the skills the job requires.
  3. CDFM certification is a differentiator for employers and increases employment
    opportunities within the public and private sector.