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Financial Management Education & Training

Your Ideas in Action
Sandra A. Gregory, CDFM
Debora Brand
Terri Smith

Whitman Executive Education for the Department of Defense
Colonel David B. Berg, CDFM

Financial Management Education and Training Opportunities at the Naval Post Graduate School
Lawrence R. Jones
Lisa Potvin, CDFM-A

Leaders in Motion – The DFAS Intern Program
Diane Benoit
Jeremy Mitchell

Learning Technologies:  Connecting the Financial Management Workforce with Mission 24/7
Julia Anderson

The Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School
Colonel Barbara J. Gilchrist

The Chief Financial Officer Academy
Adrienne Ferguson
Ricardo Aguilera
Shelley Sims

Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course:  Faculty Update
John Raines, CDFM-A

Get and Keep Your Career on the Right Track
Clemson G. Turregano

Responding to Secretary Gates' Challenge to Eliminate Waste
Debra S. Del Mar