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Cost ManagementThe New Cost Warriors Vice Admiral Lewis Crenshaw, CDFMCost Management and Control in the U.S. Army Cecile Batchelor, CDFM Making a Case for Should-Cost Estimates: Suggestions for Achieving Cost Targets Thomas Demas and Capt. Kory Fierstine Doing More with Less: A Symbiotic Relationship Between Cost Management and Innovation Jim Walewander Implementing Should-Cost to Meet the Demand for Program Affordability Ricky Peralta Managing the Cost of Readiness and Reliability Commander Kevin Mohr, CDFM A Proposal to Emphasize Managerial Cost Accounting in the Department of Defense Dr. Christopher H. Hanks Rolling on the Affordability River (While Managing the Acquisition Program in the Rapids) Christopher S. Svehlak Moneyball for the Military Gretchen Anderson, CDFM Enabling Resource-Informed Decision Making William Mattfield, CDFM; Andrea E. Green; Allan Grigson, CDFM Armed Forces Comptroller journal cover Spring 2012