Congratulations to the winners of the CY2023 ASMC Team Achievement Awards! 

This award category recognizes small and large teams for outstanding accomplishments within the functional fields of membership.

Large Team Category


Team Name: DFAS myPay Battle Response Team
Team Lead: Elizabeth A. Rosby
Team Members:
Keith Strom
Kenyon Porter
Travis May
Meg Hart
Josh Rapke
Steve Spesard
Cassy Plicka
Kevin Bitz, CDFM
Danyelle Wanton
Justin Orr
Ethan Kibler
Susan Marbach
Jodie Puskar
Shelley Sherman
Ginger Townsell
Anthony Wilson
Keethan Kleiner
Aaron Silvers
Jonathan Petricini

Combating fraud that changes attack vectors daily is difficult. The enterprise-wide myPay Battle team acted swiftly to identify fraudulent activity and implement measures to safeguard information, preventing over $1.2M in funds diversion and going above and beyond to protect myPay users.


Team Name: Navy FBWT Team
Team Lead: Jeffrey J. Wuorinen
Team Members:
Nathan Gott
Catherine Ahern
Bart Pressel
Anthony Velez
Beth Hetman
Jennifer Herthneck
Kathy Young
Samya Ghaffari
Emily Morrow
Jennifer Verrona
Gary Franklin
Gwen Hurd
Christi Gielink
Lisa Tedeschi
Leah Kuhlmann
Andrew Cooper
Edward Roback
Jessica Brown
Haley Klier

After several years effort, Navy’s Fund Balance with Treasury material weakness for General Funds was downgraded to a significant deficiency in 2023. This success was the result of collaborative efforts of the Navy Office of Financial Operations, Defense Finance and Accounting Service and Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer.

Small Team Category


Team Name: Air Force Accounting Operations Center (AFAOC) Forensic Analysis Team
Team Lead: Jeannette Beer
Team Members:
Thomas J. Souza
Jeffrey K. Isom
Justin Gonzalez
Kelly Papineau, CDFM
Zhane Woodall
Amanda Robbins

The AFAOC Forensic Analysis Team focused on dormant open balances, identifying documents with no activity, posing questions if documents were over-funded and may be reduced; early identification enabled re-utilization of funds within Current Year and minimized future year fall-out. Their efforts impacted 11,469 documents with value of $2.3B.


Team Name: USARNORTH Southwest Border Team
Team Lead: Marcela Colley
Team Members:
Philip Crawford
Diane Barnes
SFC Dora Zabava
SFC Joshua Mesec
SSG Darnell E Crain

For exceptional achievement while serving as part of the ARNORTH G8 Southwest Border team during RFA23 and RFA24 activities along the border. Due to your experience, customer service, and expert financial guidance to over 2,500 Soldiers led to the overall success to the organization and ARMY’s mission.

Financial Systems/Digital Transformation Category


Team Name: The Gilean Financial Transformation Team
Team Lead: Denise Dulee
Team Members:
Jessica Jones
Jennifer Lee
Michael Brost
Charles Flamand
Alexander Gornik
Danielle Schager
Catara Pack
Angela Caudle
Tena Meriwether
Tameika Roland
Jason Comfort
Scott Weir
Charles Rutkowski
Russell “Blake” Todd
Jeffrey Mullins
Lisanne Sykes
James Wilder

The Gilean Financial Transformation Team has provided the Agency a program-level system that aggregates functional information silos into a single system providing validated data, cross-referenced facilitating real-time decision-making and reporting. Current and future development indicate future impacts and savings will further enhance confidence in the program office reporting.


Team Name: AFRL/RGF Team
Team Lead: Candice Lock
Team Members:
Erin Dippold
Stella Diaz
Christopher Dillon
Tyler Eichhorn
Alison Gahris
Jacob Ly
Jennifer Maxie
Aaliyah Patten
Jacquelyn Suhr
Dustin Test
Paige Van Der Sluijs
Monique Garcia
John Kirch
Gregory Collins
Jennifer Huntington

The RGF AFWERX team is leading the charge in digitizing the FM landscape through automation, technology advancement, and process improvements for the high visibility top innovation program of the Air Force (AFWERX), as well as implementing these digital efforts across the Directorate! The team drives innovation to secure our future!