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PDI 2019 Mini Courses in Virtual PDI

7A/B. DoD FM Certification User Training (Parts 1 & 2)
10A/B. Debt Management – Collection, Due Process and Reconciliation
11A/B. DoD Travel Card Management
12A/B. Reimbursement Accounting
13A/B. Budget Execution (PL3) Budget Execution and Performance Integration (DoD Certification Level 2 . Competency)
14A/B. Accounting Concepts, Policies and Principles – 1.5 hrs. (PL3) and Budget Concepts, Policies and Principles – Budgeting and Accounting: Making the Connection (DoD Certification Level 2. Competencies)
15A/B. Accounting Analysis (PL3) Cost Concepts for Accounting Analysis (DoD Certification Level 2. Competency)
16A/B. Financial Management Analysis (PL3) Cost-Benefit Analysis (DoD Certification Level 2. Competency)
17A/B. Decision Support (PL3) Concepts, Techniques and Tools (DoD Certification Level 2. Competency)
20A/B. Decision Support (PL3) Enabling Informed Decision Making (DoD Certification Level 2. Competency)
21A/B. Audit Concepts, Policies and Principles (PL3) Internal Control: Meeting Federal Requirements for Accountability (DoD Certification Level 2. Competency)
22A/B. Team Building (Lead Teams/Projects) (PL3) Is Follow the Leader Child’s Play? (DoD Certification Level 2. Competency)
23A/B. Budget Execution (PL5) Budget Execution and Performance Integration (DoD Certification Level 3. Competency)
24A/B. Financial Management Analysis (PL5) Analytical Decision Making for Financial Managers (DoD Certification Level 3. Competency)
26A/B. Decision Support (PL5) Multi-criteria Decision-making for Financial Managers (DoD Certification Level 3. Competency)
27A/B. Decision Support (PL5) Decision Support for Leaders (DoD Certification Level 3. Competency)
29A/B. Developing Others (Lead People) (PL5) Leadership for the Future (DoD Certification Level 3. Competency)

PDI 2019 Workshops in Virtual PDI

31. Current Budget Issues
32. Budget Execution 102
33. The 116th Congress and the DoD Budget
34. Congressional Enactment Process
35. 50 Questions [every budget analyst or BFM should be able to answer]
36. DoD Business Reform–Translating Good Ideas into Fiscal Reality
38. Financial Institutions on DoD Installations 101
39. When Two Worlds Collide – Foreign Military Sales and Audit
40. Ready for the current fight; Preparing for the future — Balancing Combatant Command (CCMD) priorities and focus
43. Current Issues in DoD Financial Operations–Paving the Path for the CFO of Tomorrow
44. Antideficiency Act (ADA): Practical Application
45. Responsibilities of Government Officials
46. United States Code Title 31: A History of Bad Behavior by Executive Branch Agencies
47. ASMCs of Leadership
48. Being Professionally Fit: Living a Lifestyle of Learning
49. Network to New Work
50. You Know How DFAS Supports DoD Appropriated Funds, Now Learn about DFAS Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Financial Services Support to DoD
51. Writing a Winning Resume
52. Successful Interviewing
53. Recruit, Retain and Engage Millennials
54. Liar!, Liar?, Pants-on-Fire!?!
56. How do I Implement Financial Management Critical Thinking Strategically in My Organization or Tactically in My Team?
57. Funding for IT, Tech Refresh etc…
58. Funding for Other Transaction Authorities (OTAs) and Section 804 Middle Tier Acquisition (a hot topic!)
60. Indirect costs: Possibly your biggest contract Cost Driver
61. FY18 Audit Results and Responses
63. USACE’s Single Auditor Approach. An Update on Progress and Challenges.
65. After Downgrading the Property Material Weakness, What are Key USCG Property Lessons Learned and Remaining Issues?
69. New Frontiers in DoD FM Data Analytics
70. Write Right – Making Your Writing More Effective
71. MICROSOFT – Learn the Power of One Note, the most underused Microsoft Application and boasted as one the most powerful apps in the Microsoft Family plus some other powerful Microsoft secrets.
72. Using Analytical Data — UDO Monitoring, Expenses, Construction and Capital Asset Management
73. Worst…Site Visit…Ever…
74. Examining Financial Reporting Process for Effective Internal Control Test Work
75. Using Analytics to Unlock Financial Performance in the DoD.
76. Analytics and Data Science: Improving Readiness
77. Top 10 lessons learned from implementing a data analytics program
78. Auditor’s General – Current Issues
80. Learning to Love the NFR: Finding Value in Your Audit Findings
83. The Spy who Funds me: Funding for “Three Letter” Agencies
84. Antideficiency Act: What NOT to Do!
85. Finance of the Future
86. Nonappropriated Fund Transformation
88. The Evolution of Internal Controls
89. How Can New IT Delivery Models Such as Cloud Make Audit More Sustainable?
91. Fact Based Decision Making
93. I’m NOT Being Critical; I’m Just Thinking.
94. Leading with Less than Freaky Economics
95. Enhancing Financial Governance and Oversight using the Tools of Lean and Six Sigma.
96. Women Leading in DoD FM: Trailblazing a Path
97. Robotics Process Automation: Where Can it Take Us?
98. Leveraging Data Analytics: Transforming raw data into intelligence for data-driven business performance
99. Why does my auditor keep talking about my Data Quality and what do I do about it?
100. Beyond Audit Compliance: Business Value in an Enterprise Universe of Transactions
101. Using Data Analytics to Support the CFO
104. Inventory and Supply: A Key Piece of Audit
105. From Pencils Down to Ready, Aim, Fire: Building a Culture of Audit Success Across Army
106. DCAA-DCMA-DFAS Roles in Contract Close-out – It’s a Team Effort
107. DoD Audits – The Auditors’ Perceptive
110. Continuing Education and Training (CETs) on a Shoestring Budget
111. Audit Findings, Now What?
112. Relationship of formulation, execution, accounting, and performance analysis
113. Business Transformation – Managing Change in a Financial Management Organization
114. DoD’s Journey to a Clean Opinion is an Organizational Transformation Effort and Requires Transformation Assurance to Get it Right the First Time
115. Intelligent Automation and the Future of Finance
116. When You Get to the Fork in the Road, Take It! A Proven Path for Defense Financial Transformation
117. FTE Costing: DOD Civilian vs Contractor
118. Maximize the Value of Your Resource Management Experience
119. How to Ask Powerful Questions
121. Leading your Life
122. Taking Care of People Too!
123. Make Training Fun
124. MICROSOFT – Using Excel PowerPivot/Power BI data modeling to successfully manage data overload
125. Total Cost Visibility – Capturing and Managing Weapon Systems Costs
126. Strategic Planning…Your Road Map to Federal Retirement Bliss
127. Army Financial Management Readiness in support of contingency Operations
128. DoD Reserve Component unique budgetary authorities and appropriations
130. Unconscious Biases–Understanding the Cognitive Domain and Unleashing it to Build Team Success
131. The Military Banking Program — Public and Private Perspectives
132. The Journey to a Single General Ledger–Eliminating Complexity and Enhancing Auditability
133. Successful Process Improvement Programs
134. The Price of a Data Breach
135. National Defense Strategy: How Financial Managers contribute to lethality through financial prudence.
136. Internal Control – A Standard Setter’s Perspective