ASMC offers a quarterly, 3-day virtual Fiscal Law course. Please contact us if you are interested in private, onsite course options. This course is available for Chapters to sponsor or for individuals to attend. ASMC’s Fiscal Law course is aligned to the DoD FM Certification Program.


During this course, participants will receive a comprehensive overview of the Three Pillars of Federal Appropriations Law Comprehensive review of Chapters 4, 5 and 6 of the GAO Redbook.

This course covers:

  • Learn the role and responsibilities of a “pecuniary” certifying officer
  • Understand the potential consequences of certifications that lead to improper or erroneous payments
  • Understand the roles of DoD Certifying Officers, Departmental Accountable Officials, and Review Officials as covered in FMR Vol 5 Chapter 33
  • Gain the required Certifying Officer Legislation training required under FMR Vol 5 Chap 33.
  • The most common occurrences of ADA violations
  • The application of the Bona Fide Needs Rule
  • The Anti-Deficiency Act
  • The use of funds for:
    • meetings and conventions
    • travel and per diem for non-governmental personnel
    • food for government employees
    • gifts and awards
    • office furnishings
    • state and local taxes
  • and more…

Students will be provided:

  • A summary of changes to FMR Vol 5 Ch 33
  • An electronic copy of the GAO Annual Update to the Red Book for use as a course workbook
  • Electronic copies of applicable case studies
  • PowerPoint slides for note taking and reference purposes