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The American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) annually recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of its chapters, membership and the defense financial management community through its awards program. This program encompasses individual and team achievement awards, scholarships, educational grants, an essay contest, chapter recognition, and a variety of other individual based awards.

Important: ASMC’s Awards platform is not accessible via your ASMC account!  To submit a nomination, or begin or update an application, you must log in separately to the Awards platform.  The Awards platform also permits you to review the criteria for each award, learn how to write better nominations, and complete chapter program reports.  Follow the instructions carefully, or see the FAQ for more help!

Each year, ASMC awards more than $35,000 in scholarships and grants to high school seniors, college students and ASMC members to provide financial assistance that they may accomplish their financial management related educational goals.

  • High School Scholarships
  • Previous Winner Scholarships 
  • Members Continuing Education Grants
  • Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award

Visit the Scholarship Awards page to read the rules for any ASMC scholarship award, or to submit a nomination.

Achievement awards are presented annually to individuals and teams who have been nominated for outstanding accomplishment within one of the functional fields of comptrollership.  Achievement award nominations are due February 14.

  • Accounting Achievement Award
  • Acquisition / Cost Analysis Achievement Award
  • Auditing Achievement Award
  • Budgeting Achievement Award
  • Comptroller / Deputy Comptroller Achievement Award
  • Contractor Support Achievement Award
  • Intern/Trainee Achievement Award
  • Finance Achievement Award
  • Resource Management Achievement Award
  • Small Team Achievement Award
  • Large Team Achievement Award

Visit the Achievement Awards page to read the rules for any ASMC achievement award, or to submit a nomination.

Several awards are presented to ASMC members for achievements in areas such as leadership, recruitment, corporate engagement, and authorship.

  • Chapter Leadership  (Due April 10)
  • Corporate Member  (Due April 10)
  • Essay Contest  (Extension on Deadline: April 15)
  • Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award Due  (January 31)
  • Editorial  (chosen by Editorial Board from published submissions)
  • Membership Recruitment and Growth  (chosen based upon data from new membership applications)

Visit the Membership Awards page to read the rules for any ASMC membership award, or to submit a nomination.

There are a number of awards that recognize the many accomplishments of ASMC chapters. They are:

  • Community Service Award
  • Chapter Communications Program
  • Five Star Chapter Program
  • Membership Growth Awards
  • Neil R. Ginnetti Professional Development Award

Visit the Chapter Awards page to read the rules for any ASMC Chapter award, or to submit a nomination.

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