ASMC Honors and Remembers Our Military Veterans

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” - John F. Kennedy. Today and every day, ASMC honors the sacrifices military personnel throughout the centuries have made in service to our country. In war and peace, these warriors have guarded [...]

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Happy 246th Birthday, U.S. Marine Corps!

Congratulations on 246 years of honor, courage and commitment to the “always faithful” – the United States Marine Corps! Today, in air, on land, in sea, and in cyberspace, Marines are there to keep the peace, bring humanitarian aid and disaster relief, and are the “first to fight for right and freedom.” ASMC is proud [...]

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REGISTRATION OPEN: Data Analytics & Decision Support Virtual Conference

Join ASMC for our second annual Data Analytics & Decision Support Virtual Conference on December 8 , 2021. Engage with Government and Corporate Leaders who will share best practices in data analytics and the decision process. At ASMC’s Data Analytics and Decision Support Conference, see how to go beyond the data and create a transformation [...]

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Happy 246th Birthday, U.S. Navy!

Happy birthday, U.S. Navy! 246 years ago, the Continental Congress established a naval fleet, which was made up of two vessels. Nearly two and a half centuries later, ASMC honors your history and continued defense of our seas as the largest naval force in the world. Happy birthday, Navy, from your ASMC colleagues, and thank [...]

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November 10 Webinar: Project Management: Planning for Success

ASMC welcomes back Peter Tyson to present the webinar, Project Management: Planning for Success.  In our professional and personal lives, many of us undertake projects, large and small.  Some of us may be new to leading a project and may not fully understand what is involved with successfully planning, executing, and completing.  Others have years [...]

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Listen Now: Fifth Episode of “All Things Financial Management” with Thomas Brandt

The fifth episode of the All Things Financial Management podcast is now live! Listen to Mr. Thomas Brandt, Chief Risk Officer of the Internal Revenue Service, discuss enterprise risk management: All Things Financial Management: Episode 5 with Mr. Thomas Brandt Have any questions or comments? Join the community and discussion on Engage

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Happy 74th Birthday, U.S. Air Force!

Happy 74th Birthday, United States Air Force! ASMC salutes our over 4,000 ASMC Air Force members. Since 1947, you have been “doing the impossible every day” as you pursue your mission with excellence and integrity. Once again, Happy Birthday, Air Force from your ASMC colleagues!

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October 19 Webinar: Time is of the Essence: Fiscal Law’s “Middle Child”

ASMC welcomes back Bill Arnold to present the webinar, Time is of the Essence: Fiscal Law’s “Middle Child”.  Appropriations law principles include Purpose, Time, and Amount.  But Time is often treated as the middle child, and not given the attention it deserves.  Proper use of government funds must include Time considerations, which can be just [...]

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Listen Now: Fourth Episode of “All Things Financial Management”

The fourth episode of the All Things Financial Management podcast is now live! Listen to Ms. Kathryn VanScoy, Chief of Audit Readiness at the Army Materiel Command at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama discuss her professional journey and pursuing the United States Army audit opinion: A Day in the Life: Pursuing the Army Audit Opinion [...]

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