DoD News – March 13, 2019

The White House released the proposed FY2020 Budget which includes provisions for the development of the Space Force - an initiative generated by President Trump and one which will be housed in the DoD. The proposed budget grants an additional $33 billion to the DoD budget. Review the proposed budget here.

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PDI 2019 Registration is Now OPEN!

Registration for the ASMC PDI 2019 is now available! Click here to register online! While registering for PDI 2019, please note the following: Payment is required at the time of registration so please be sure you have obtained authorized funding and understand your organization’s regulations for payment. Attendees arriving early are invited to participate in Monday [...]

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February 2019 Chapter Highlight

FEBRUARY CHAPTER HIGHLIGHT: Utah Chapter, by Ariel Bambrough, Chapter President What are your plans for the Chapter this year?  The Utah Chapter co-hosted the National PDI in Denver, sending 23 members to serve as the Hospitality Committee, with two serving as Chair and Co-Chair. Additionally, three other members represented our chapter, one served as Vice [...]

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February 2019 Member Highlight

February 2019 Member Highlight: Laura Sandy Can you briefly describe your career path? I left active duty in 1992 after serving four years as an Environmental Health Technician and continued to work as a civilian in the medical field through 1998. My medical and military experience lead me to my first civil service position as [...]

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USD Waiver for 2019 PDI

Waiver for 2019 American Society of Military Comptrollers' Professional Development Institute Click here to access the Honorable David Norquist's memorandum 2019 Professional Development Institute (PDI) scheduled for 29 - 31 May 2019 in San Antonio, Texas: https://asmconline.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/PDI-2019-USDC-Waiver-Memo.pdf

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December 2018 Member Highlight

DECEMBER MEMBER HIGHLIGHT: Bill Arnold, CDFM-A Can you briefly describe your career path? US Army – 1967-1971 – Korean linguist US Air Force civilian – 1971-1993 – management analyst, budget analyst, budget officer, Executive Officer to Commander, Director of Plans and Programs DFAS Columbus – 1993-2001 – Deputy of Resource Management, Disbursing Officer, Director of [...]

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December 2018 Chapter Highlight

DECEMBER CHAPTER HIGHLIGHT: Pikes Peak Chapter, by Jennifer Patterson, Chapter President What are your plans for the Chapter this year?  The Pikes Peak Chapter has several exciting events planned and several that are in the works. In December, we have our Holiday Social where we will have a presentation from one of our members on [...]

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November 2018 Chapter Highlight

NOVEMBER CHAPTER HIGHLIGHT: San Diego Chapter, by Brenda Meyer, Chapter President What are your plans for the Chapter this year? Events, programming, etc. This year we are focusing on having our Lunch and Learns at different Venues and plan to get more feedback from our members in order to provide them with better training and [...]

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