Alexandria, VA (March 17, 2022) — The American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) is excited to announce that the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) certification program is approved by all
DOD Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) programs. The COOL programs were created as a workforce professionalization tool for Service members, veterans, and federal civilian employees. The
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, Coast Guard, and DOD civilians each have their Service-specific COOL programs designed to match occupations to civilian credentials and provide
resources for attaining these credentials.

Why get credentialed? Civilian occupational licensing, certification, and apprenticeships professionalize the DOD workforce by providing up-to-date, industry-recognized credentials. Credentialing also provides a way for Service members to prepare for civilian life by ensuring they are ready for work in the civilian sector. Credentialed professionals benefit from:

  • increased recognition by peers and respect of colleagues in the profession
    improved opportunities for employability and advancement
    greater confidence in their professional competence
    increased professional trust from employers or the public
    increased autonomy in the workplace
    better compensation and career longevity

“It is an honor for ASMC’s Certification Program to be recognized by all DOD COOL programs! We are committed to supporting Service members’ professional development and preparing them for meaningful
employment upon transition from military service,” said ASMC’s CEO, Rich Brady, CDFM, CGFM, CMA. Access any of the COOL programs and learn more through the DOD COOL home portal at

About ASMC
ASMC, established in 1948, is the non-profit educational and professional organization for persons, military and civilian, involved in the overall field of defense financial management. ASMC promotes the
education, training, and certification of its members, and supports the development and advancement of the defense financial management profession. The Society provides professional programs to keep members abreast of current issues and encourages the exchange of information, techniques, and approaches.

About the ASMC Certification Commission

The ASMC Certification Commission is comprised of representatives from the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, and the private sector. The Certification Commission’s main responsibility is to oversee the administration of the CDFM Certification Program and develop psychometrically sound, valid, reliable, and legally defensible processes for certification and recertification.


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