Alexandria, VA (May 6, 2022) –The American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) has created a PPBE Reform Task Force. It is established to increase awareness and engage in public discourse on PPBE reform in the Department of Defense. Operating in parallel with the Legislative Commission on PPBE Reform, the Task Force will work to define a set of fundamental principles and policy actions to reimagine PPBE to meet the needs of the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and industry in the 21st Century.

The Task Force is chartered to:

  • Develop recommendations and proposals for PPBE reform
    Assess alternative resource allocation processes used in public and private sectors
    Review and assess documents released by the Legislative Commission on PPBE Reform
    Host and participate in public forums on PPBE Reform
    Educate and update the defense financial management community on progress toward PPBE Reform

The Task Force will consist of up to 15 members drawn from the government sector, private sector, and academic community. The composition of the Task Force will ensure a balance of perspectives and backgrounds related to financial management, strategic planning, procurement and acquisition management, change management, information technology, and data science.

Michael Conlin, Chief Technology Officer at Definitive Logic, will serve as the Chair of the Task Force. Michael served as the first Chief Data Officer of the U.S. Department of Defense, and then as its first Chief Business Analytics Officer. Prior to that, Michael had over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, having worked in 20+ countries across five continents. He is internationally known for his thought-leadership on digital transformation, data analytics, and ethical Artificial Intelligence. ASMC will select the remaining task force members in the upcoming weeks.

About ASMC:
ASMC, established in 1948, is the non-profit educational and professional organization for persons, military and civilian, involved in the overall field of defense financial management. ASMC promotes the education, training, and certification of its members, and supports the development and advancement of the defense financial management profession. The Society provides professional programs to keep members abreast of current issues and encourages the exchange of information, techniques, and approaches.###

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