This week the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC), the premier educational society for financial managers working in the defense community, announced the release of a new continuing professional education (CPE) management tool.  The CPE management tool allows ASMC members to manage and track their continuing education experience using the online tool.   

Because ASMC provides a significant number of professional education services to members of the defense financial management community it made sense for the society to provide this valuable tool to its members.  ASMC has over 5,400 active Certified Defense Financial Managers (CDFM) who have continuing education requirements and this new CPE management tool will help them to track and ultimately meet their bi-annual education requirements. 

Said Alvin Tucker, ASMC Executive Director, “With this new tool ASMC both provides valuable assistance to members tracking their CPE, and enables identification of the value of educational offerings provided by ASMC to the FM community.”

During the initial launch of the CPE management tool, ASMC imported over 80,000 CPE hours from the two most recent Professional Development Institute (PDI) education programs.  The PDI is the largest educational gathering of financial managers working in the defense industry with over 120 education sessions.  ASMC estimates that over 10,000 of its members will use this online tool to manage their continuing education needs.

ASMC members can access the CPE management tool in the member portal.

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