2009 Financial Management Award for Improvement to Internal Controls

Headquarters and Major Command Level (Individual)

Air Force Accounting and Finance Office
Financial Management Quality Assurance Program Improvement

Michael D. Hayes

Headquarters and Major Command Level (Team)

TRICARE Management Activity
2009 Anti-Fraud Initiatives

Rose M. Sabo                          John Marchlowska
Cindy Roegner                        Tracy Coufal
James Gogue                           Helen Hilton
Dan Johnson                            Eric King
Joseph O’Brien                        Jennifer Pond
Don Wunderlin

Below Major Command Level (Individual)

Defense Contract Management Agency
Improvement of Financial Management Controls

Robert Joyce
Below Major Command Level

U.S. Army Audit Agency, San Antonio Field Office
FY 2008 Funding Execution of Army Family Programs

Melissa Diaz                           
Travis Jarmon
Jessica Barriere                     
Joanna Luevano

2009 Financial Management Award for Initiative

Headquarters and Major Command Level (Individual—Joint)

U.S. Army Medical Command
Reduction of Aged and Abnormal Accounts Payable Accounting Conditions

William Horton                      
Kathleen Harman

Headquarters and Major Command Level (Team)

Department of the Navy
Closeout of Bank of America Travel Card Accounts

Nancy McDermott                                   
Dean Hunstad
Stephen Slocomb                                     
Bonnie Paraschos
Letitia “Tish” Fuller                                  
David Fuqua
MSgt Gregory “Scott” Duplechain           
MSgt Timothy Lynch
Mark Edwards                                          
Joel Ridenour
MGySgt Roy Childers                               
MGySgt Jorge Mercardo
Michael Miller                                         
Jim Knox, Jr.
Gregory “Tod” Farrell

Below Major Command Level (Individual)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Transatlantic Division
Standing Up New USACE Division

Joann Evans

Below Major Command Level (Team)

509th Comptroller Squadron, Whiteman Air Force Base
FM Money Tree Decision Support and Automation

Cindy R. Walters                    
Capt Dorinda M. Mazza
James Morgan                       
William Decker
Gwendolyn Clarence              
TSgt Richard Schutt
Lacy Kay                                 
Deanna Cohick
Ryan Morris                           
SSgt James Mitchell III
SSgt Candace Shannon           
SSgt Ju’anna Blake
SSgt Robert Crame                
SrA Angel Houston

2009 Financial Management Award for Process Improvement

Headquarters and Major Command Level (Individual)

Defense Commissary Agency
Streamlined Receiving Process

Marc R. Petit
Headquarters and Major Command Level

Department of the Air Force
Government Travel and Purchase Card Programs

Michael Bilbrey                     
Gregory Anthony
Charles Maddox                     
Veronica Alexander
Derwin Laster                        
Nanette Wood
Brandon Boehm

Below Major Command Level (Individual)

58th Operations Group, Kirtland Air Force Base
Defense Travel System Process Improvement and Streamlining

Donna R. Dudley

Below Major Command Level (Team)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service—Cleveland
Navy Interfund Unmatched Disbursement Reductions

Julie Burandt-Partin               
Sharon Wallace
Daniel Mitoff                         
Arnold Colvin
Anthony Aseff                         
Anita Liquette

2009 Special Recognition for Financial Management Innovation in a Combat Zone

Headquarters and Major Command Level

U.S. Army Audit Agency
Vendor Payment Operations in Southwest Asia

Janet L. Stallings                    
Crystal D. Beard
Nichole M. Bates

Below Major Command Level

Combined Security Transition Command—Afghanistan
Pay-By-Phone Test Program for the Afghan National Police

Col Trent H. Edwards                         
CDR Tracey Brown
Lt Col Michael Dahlstrom                  
Maj Ned June
Maj Michael Kwasnoski                     
Capt Jacqueline Leskowich
Capt Christopher Geisel                     
Capt Jeff Garner
LT Mitchell Hendler                           
Capt Michelle McKinney
1Lt Jeremy Putz                                  
Mark Buechler