Both the House and Senate will return next week to regular schedules as they move to complete action on two important issues by the end of January:  the debt ceiling limit and Health Care Reform.  Congress passed a short-term increase in the debt ceiling in December, but deferred any longer-term action until this month.  The Senate will address it on the floor next Wednesday.  Final congressional action is expected to increase the debt ceiling by about $1.8 billion to avoid the necessity to act again this year.  House and Senate Democratic leadership negotiators are working with the White House on a compromise on Health Care Reform that resolves the differences in the two bills.  They hope to reach a deal soon, possibly as early as late next week, so they can send a final bill to the President before he delivers his State of the Union Address (which has not yet been scheduled).  Congressional action on defense issues will be very limited as they await arrival of the President's FY2011 budget due on Feb. 1.   Next week, the House Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing (with DoD witnesses) on recent security developments in China.  The Senate Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing on an independent review of events relating to Ft. Hood (with non-DoD witnesses).  Test