OMB is changing the way it looks at agencies’ performance.  In a memo to Department heads, OMB told agencies that next year would be a transition year in performance measurement as they move from collecting performance information to implementing performance improvement strategies.  OMB and the Performance Improvement Council (PIC) are working to strengthen performance by 1) using performance information to improve outcomes. 2) communicating performance to achieve better results and improved transparency, and 3) strengthening problem-solving networks.  The goal is to establish “constructive performance review processes” aimed at making the documents required by the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) more useful.  According to the memo, agency strategic plans would have a limited number of “measurable long-term outcome-focused goals.”  For the FY2012 budget request, OMB will require agencies to include performance plans that clearly identify high-priority performance targets.  Each agency will establish performance targets for its Priority Goals along with the budget authority required.  At least some of the performance measures from the former Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) will remain.  The memo directs agencies to integrate those PART or GPRA measures that are useful and to identify those that should be deleted.  Agencies will report progress on meeting their goals on a single government-wide website.