Remembering 9/11

//Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

As we mark the 9th year anniversary of the 9/11, please join the ASMC National Executive Committee and Staff in remembering our fallen comrades.

The attacks of nine years ago touched the lives of every American. Fifteen of our ASMC members were killed in the attacks, and another seven were seriously injured. As you pay tribute and honor to all of the victims of September 11th, please make a special note of our own fallen comrades.

Angelene Carter
Gerald Fisher
Peggy Hurt
Brenda Gibson
Brenda Kegler
Robert Maxwell
Patricia Mickley
Diane Padro
Edward Rowenhorst
Robert Russell
Charles Sabin
Sandra Taylor
Willie Troy
David Laychak
Rhonda Rasmussen

Injured Victims
Aaron Cooper
Kathy Cordero
Juan Cruz-Santiago
Paul Gonzalez
David Lanagan
Sheila Moody
Christine Morrison

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  1. monica heffner Johnson September 10, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    Hello All— 9 years ago I worked for DFAS-EU and after the attacks and finding out how many of our own folks were affected I made a slideshow for the 2002 PDI so that we would not forget…due to a poor supervisior I was NOT allowed to attend that PDI to present what I had created to honor our fallen or meet those family members and friends affected personally…I would like to take the time now to say I have NEVER EVER forgotten those MEN & WOMEN who gave ALL that day….I am no longer in the service I decided in 2005 (after 2 tours down range) to become a full time stay at home mommma but I was then and am now thankful for my time in the service and for my time as a $ troop! May God Bless us all at home and overseas…and May we ALL never forget! Thanks xoxox Monica

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