The Senate passed the final FY2010 DoD Appropriations bill early Saturday morning and the President signed it on Monday.  Overall, the DoD bill provides over $507 billion (excluding Military Construction, which is funded in a separate appropriations bill) for the FY2010 DoD baseline budget, $3.5 billion below the request.  The bill funds the 3.4 percent military pay raise that was approved in the FY2010 Defense Authorization Act.  Procurement funding is $800 million below the request, while R&D is almost $2 billion above the request.  Congress did agree to some of the President's proposals to reduce or terminate a number of programs (e.g., F-22).  However, the final bill is at odds with the request on some high profile programs.  Over the threat of a presidential veto, the bill includes funds to develop a second engine for the F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) and to capture technology already developed for the presidential helicopter program.  Congress also added nine more F/A-18E/F aircraft and 10 more C-17s than requested.  In addition to the baseline budget, the bill appropriates $128 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), essentially the same as the request.  New funds for the surge in Afghanistan announced last month will be provided in a supplemental appropriations bill the President is expected to request early in the new year.  For those keeping score with the numbers published in the committees' bill summary, the bill also includes $1 billion in appropriations for non DoD programs.  As stated in ;last week's Highlights, the bill also includes nondefense items, such as extended unemployment benefits and subsidized health insurance (COBRA) for people who have lost their jobs in the current economic downturn and assistance for highways and transit systems.