ASMC Worldwide Chapter News
Deadlines for submission
•Winter issue – December 31
•Spring issue – February 28
•Summer issue – May 31
•Fall issue – August 31

Guidelines for Chapter News Photos
Four pages of the Armed Forces Comptroller are dedicated to sharing photos and news of chapter activities. Every attempt will be made to include at least one photo from each submitting chapter. When this is not possible, priority will be given to those chapters that have not been featured in recent editions of the magazine. When submitting photos, please use these guidelines:

•Chapters should list photos in priority sequence. When priorities are not identified, photos will be selected based on the general criteria of quality of the photo and timeliness.
•Group photos allow the journal to feature more members and guests in the limited space available.
•Each photo must be clearly numbered, with a caption in an attached file. At a minimum, caption should include: Chapter name, full name (and rank if appropriate) of each individual pictured (left to right), and a detailed description of activity in photo. Please do not use dates in captions.
•Photos must be of reproduction quality — color preferred, with good clarity and composition. Be sure the photographer has turned off the date function on the camera.
•Events pictured must be timely — e.g., photos of Christmas events may be appropriate for the Spring issue, but not for the Summer issue. Please keep in mind that we work three months in advance of the mailing. For example, photos for the Summer issue are chosen in May.
•Photos must be sent electronically or on a disk; they must be at least 4×6, and a 300 DPI resolution. Do not place images in an application (such as MS Word or PowerPoint); send only jpeg files.

Photos should be sent to: