Members Only Online Learning: Session 1

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During the month of June, 2020, ASMC made registration for some special content available to members only.  This content is no longer available; however if you did register before June 30, 2020, that content is still accessible to you, below.

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THANK YOU for being a member of ASMC!  We’re offering all members the opportunity to earn CPE/CET credits from our online Professional Development Institute (PDI) courses. All new members and members who renew by June 30 have access to three free courses. These are three of ASMC’s best courses and member favorites from past PDI’s:

  • From the 2019 PDI
      • Gregory Martin’s “Congressional Enactment Process”
    • Hon. Chip Fulghum’s “ASMCs of Leadership”
  • From the 2018 PDI
    • “7 Secrets of a Successful Interview” presented by a panel including Cassie Smith, Drew Blundell, and Roger Blick.

Each course is worth 1.5 CET/CPE credits.

Use the link below to renew before June 30, 2020 and gain access to these free sessions;

or if your membership is current, click here to access Session 1.


Stay tuned for more members-only content from ASMC in the coming months!

To access these courses after purchase, please visit PLEASE ALLOW 48 BUSINESS HOURS FOR YOUR REGISTRATION TO BE ACTIVATED. Your login ID is your email address, and your password is the default ASMC password, asmc+your member number. (Example: ‘asmc123456’) If you have questions, please email