Last week the House passed the Telework Enhancement Act (H.R. 1722) and sent it to the president for signature.  The bill, which has been winding its way through Congress for much of this year, expands federal teleworking opportunities government-wide.  It requires agencies to develop a teleworking policy and identify employees eligible to participate.  Not every employee would be eligible under the legislation.  Except in emergency situations, the bill would exempt employees whose official duties require, on a daily basis, the direct handling of secure materials or involve an on-site activity that cannot be performed remotely.  The bill also gives agencies the authority to conduct telework travel expenses tests to pay travel expenses for teleworking employees who are required to report to the office more than a set number of times.  Rep. Frank Wolfe (R-VA), an advocate for telework legislation for 20 years, stated in a press release that the bill is a “cost savings measure that will help the federal government implement a flexible workplace strategy proven successful in the private sector.”  This legislation has been strongly supported by federal employee organizations and the White House, and the president is expected to sign it quickly.