The FY2011 budget request for the U.S. Coast Guard totals $10.1 billion, down $.3 billion from FY2010.  This includes discretionary funding of $8.5 billion and mandatory funding (including retired pay) of $1.6 billion.  Operating expenses account for $6.65 billion of the discretionary budget, almost $90 million more than enacted for FY2010.  The acquisition, construction, and Improvements discretionary request is $1.38 billion, over $150 million less than enacted for FY2010.  The FY2011 budget does not request funding for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), while the FY2010 appropriation included $241 million for OCO operations.  The FY2011 request proposed a number of actions to achieve efficiencies and savings.  These include:  decommissionings of headquarters functions, ships, and aircraft; a relocation of four HC-144A aircraft; and consolidations and realignments.  You can find details of the request in the FY2011 Coast Guard budget justification material.