APRIL CHAPTER HIGHLIGHT: Cleveland Chapter, by Elena Baykal, Chapter President


What are your plans for the Chapter this year? Events, programming, etc

In the beginning of the Chapter year the plans were made to increase membership by having membership drives, provide professional luncheons to members so that members can enjoy listening to great professionals and earn CPE, hold joint events with local chapter AGA, summer picnic, and joint professional local pdi in the spring. Provide scholarship to members and bring on site CDFM tests. We also have quarterly social event where members can enjoy good company and bring new friends so we can recruit them into joining the chapter. Majority of the plans have been accomplished and successful. The next big event is on April 18, we are hosting joint local pdi with AGA at the Cleveland City Club. We have 180 attendees from different areas of the government and private sector. Members enjoy meeting new people at pdi and listen to professional speakers.


What event or program has had the best response from your Chapter?

The best response that we have is monthly luncheons, quarterly social events and local pdi. Members like to attend these events because majority of members are from DFAS and they get to meet other DFAS employees and sometimes managers and that can open up some new opportunities in the future.


How have you been able to engage and grow your membership?

Chapter membership is marketed to federal agencies with outreach to military personnel, civil servants and contractors. ASMC membership awareness events included participation in the DFAS Cleveland Diversity Fair and presentations given to civil servants in the DFAS Leaders in Motion (LIM) program. Two Membership Drives also were held in the cafeteria of the AJC Federal Building. In addition, prospective members were recruited at Chapter social events including a joint picnic with AGA Cleveland, and an after-hours social at the Barley House in Downtown Cleveland.


What is your favorite chapter memory?

My favorite Chapter memory is social event with members and sponsor at the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game in the penthouse.