I hope this finds each of you and your families safe and healthy.

Over the past week, the likelihood regarding conduct of our ASMC National PDI progressed from highly unlikely that it will be safe, to “certainty” that the environment will not be safe enough to risk conduct of the PDI.  Thus, our National President and I made the decision to cancel PDI 2020.

I explored the possibility of rescheduling PDI 2020 in Nashville or another city in the early August or later timeframe; however, I determined that postponement is not viable due to several reasons, including continuing uncertainty as to when the environment will be safe, end of summer leave and vacation preferences, and defense financial management workload requirements in the September – November period.  It turns out that the end of May timeframe, in which ASMC has traditionally conducted the National PDI, is relatively the best time to focus on this valuable financial management training event, in addition to the support we offer through various opportunities throughout the year.

We’re considering the possibility of developing a “Partial Virtual PDI 2020” to provide (at no cost) to defense financial managers; however, there are hurdles to overcome in achieving this in the current environment.  We’re also working to offer a couple of no cost, 90 minute “virtual” sessions of relevance to the “early careerist” sector of our ASMC membership.  Over the next four to eight weeks, our ASMC early careerists (members aged 35 years and younger) can expect an email inviting those interested to register for these virtual training sessions, which will also include continuing education and training credits.

I look forward to your support of ASMC PDI 2021 in Orlando next year.

Finally, to those of you who had registered for PDI, Registration HQ is currently working to refund your registration fee, as well as any advance payment of lodging fee.  You should receive the refunds, without any processing fee, by the end of this week (Friday, 10 April).  You need NOT contact Registration HQ.


Al Runnels

Executive Director, ASMC.