The Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course is a five-day, intensive financial management review course taught in three modules. The textbook is included in the cost of the course.  See a detailed description of the course here.

ASMC’s EDFMT Course is aligned to the DoD FM Certification Program!
Download the crosswalk on the DoD FM alignment page here.
Learn how to get college credit from attending the EDFMTC.

Centrally-Funded Courses

Centrally-funded courses are provided by the Department of Defense but are licensed and copyrighted by the American Society of Military Comptrollers.

See the FY20 EDFMTC Centrally-Funded Course Schedule at bottom of the page

Use the EDFMTC Automated Registration tool to register for a centrally funded course.

Due to recent security enhancements, access to the EDFMTC Automated Registration tool is now restricted to a .mil DOMAIN or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that originates from a .mil DOMAIN. You will not be able to access the EDFMTC Automated Registration tool from any other DOMAIN. If you cannot access the site for this reason, please contact the EDFMT help desk at:

NOTE: ASMC cannot place you in one of the DoD centrally-funded EDFMTC sessions. For questions about registration and course seats, please contact the Centrally-Funded EDFMTC Points of Contact for the course in question.

Overflow Courses

ASMC offers overflow EDFMT courses for those who are not eligible for a centrally-funded course. The materials and instruction are the same as the centrally-funded courses. ASMC has licensed two vendors to conduct overflow courses:

Archway Training Associates, Inc.
Graduate School USA

Closed Enrollment Courses

For those who wish to purchase the course for their organization/company or ASMC chapter, please contact ASMC at for information.

Open Enrollment Courses

Individual seats can be purchased in open enrollment courses. Seat cost may vary.

See the Archway Training open enrollment EDFMTC schedule
See the Graduate School open enrollment EDFMTC schedule

Upcoming Open Enrollment EDFMT Courses:

Mar 16
Jun 08
Aug 24

Upcoming Centrally-Funded EDFMT Courses:

Mon 24


February 24 - February 28
Mar 02
Mar 02
Mar 23
Mar 23

EDFMTC (ARNG–Oklahoma City, OK)

March 23 - March 27
Mar 30
Apr 13

EDFMTC (ARNG–Arlington, VA)

April 13 - April 17
Apr 20