Examination Security

ASMC firmly believes that each candidate deserves a fair and equal opportunity to demonstrate his or her competency in the examination process. Examination security measures are intended to prevent any unfair advantage of one candidate over another.

All exam materials are the property of ASMC. Removal of any material from the exam room by unauthorized persons is prohibited. Copyrights for the CDFM exams are owned by ASMC. Any attempt to reproduce or memorize all or part of the exam is prohibited. Any unauthorized disclosure, publication, copying, reproduction, transmission, distribution, or possession of CDFM exam content or materials in any form may subject the individual to civil liability and/or criminal prosecution, removal of certification, and/or restrictions on future access to CDFM certification examinations. The prohibition of “unauthorized disclosure” means that you may not discuss the contents of the examination with anyone except ASMC.

A proctor may dismiss a candidate from the exam site, halt an examination in progress, or report a candidate to ASMC for any unauthorized behavior, such as any of the following:

  • attempting to gain unauthorized admission to an exam site
  • attempting to use resource materials during the exam
  • attempting to take the examination for someone else
  • creating a disturbance
  • giving, receiving, or attempting to give or receive help from unauthorized sources
  • removing, or attempting to remove, exam materials or notes from the testing room
  • having in his or her possession any item prohibited from the exam site
  • exhibiting behavior consistent with memorization or copying of exam items

Restroom breaks are not permitted. Testers who leave the testing room will not be readmitted to continue testing.

On the Day of Examination

Proof of Identification

Report to the testing site on the day of the exam as instructed in your appointment confirmation. Candidates must bring two valid forms of ID. One must be a government-issued photo ID with signature (for example, a driver’s license, military ID, or passport). The name on the ID must match exactly the name on the appointment confirmation or the candidate will be denied admission. A second form of ID will be requested at the testing center. A credit card or debit card matching the name on your government-issued ID is acceptable.

Testing Information

Listen carefully to instructions given by the proctor and read all directions thoroughly. Please note that proctors and test center staff are not permitted to discuss the exam items or your exam results.

The CDFM exams are closed book exams. Therefore, no materials are permitted in the testing room.

There will be a secure area in which to check valuables. The following items are NOT PERMITTED in the testing room:

  • Books or other reference materials
  • Papers of any kind, except as provided by the proctor (prepared study notes are NOT allowed in the testing room; however, once the proctor provides scratch paper, the candidate may do a “brain dump” and write down memorized information onto the scratch paper)
  • Telephones and signaling devices, such as cell phones, tablet computers, smart watches, etc.
  • Alarms or recording/playback devices
  • Calculators
  • Photographic or image-capturing or image-copying devices
  • Electronic devices of any kind
  • Food or beverages


Candidates receive immediate score results when taking computerized exams. Candidates receive paper exam results via email.


The CDFM examination is a criterion-referenced test. This means that candidates are scored against a fixed standard (the passing score). The final passing score for each individual CDFM examination has been established by a panel of subject matter experts who have determined the minimally-acceptable level of competence for awarding the certification, utilizing acceptable psychometric procedures. The passing score is applied consistently to all test takers. Candidates are not competing against one another, and grades are not curved. You must achieve the passing score to pass the examination. There are no exceptions.

ASMC reserves the right to annul any examination scores if, in ASMC’s judgment, there is any reason to question the score’s validity. Conduct that warrants score cancellation may include, but is not limited to: consulting study aids of any type during a testing session; copying from notes or from another candidate’s answers during a testing session; unauthorized communication with others during a testing session; copying, photographing, transcribing, or otherwise reproducing or transmitting exam materials; removing exam materials from the testing site; aiding other examinees or receiving aid from anyone else; or having improper access to CDFM content prior to the examination administration. Engaging in such misconduct may disqualify the individual from future CDFM tests and possibly from ever being certified by ASMC.

Diagnostic Exam Score Reports

Per the testing policies set by the Certification Commission and testing experts consulted in the development of the CDFM exams, ASMC cannot release information on the exam passing scores or individual exam scores. However, ASMC offers a Diagnostic Exam Score Report (or “Diagnostic”) candidates who fail an exam, providing performance feedback on each competency area on the exam.

A Diagnostic is automatically provided on failed Pearson VUE exam results. If Special Arrangement Testing was taken, a Diagnostic can be requested by emailing the Certification Department at certification@asmconline.org and including your ASMC ID number, the exam you wish to receive a Diagnostic on, and the date you took that exam. Diagnostics are not provided for passed exams.

CDFM Testing Policies

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CDFM Testing Appeals

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